Steal These Paradigm Shifts to Change Your Working Mom Life

What if, instead of resolutions and tasks and more to-dos for your never ending list of things that mom does, you decided to shift your paradigms? A paradigm shift is what happens when you evaluate these stories in your mind about what you should do, how you should talk, what you should think and truly, how you show up in the world. Here are 4 Paradigm Shifts to reframe your shoulds, own your YES’s and make this the best year yet!

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I’m sending you all the love, light, reminders and a quick little mom pep talk during this busy season of life. I’m giving you the love and reminders that I need on a daily basis. Time for some real mom talk! 

2 Vital Reminders to Rock Mom Life


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Learn how to create savoring rituals, increase your awe and admiration in your relationships. Tune in for 3 rituals to start today to increase your gratitude!

3 Rituals to Feel More Grateful


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You know that nagging feeling that you could be doing more with your money and how you wish you could create more space and options for your family? Amy Scott, Couples Financial Coach, will teach you how to declutter your finances and implement systems that work for you!

How to Master Your Money Inside Your Marriage with Amy Scott, Couples Financial Coach


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Feeling burned out in medicine? Having tugs of pre-burnout pulling on your heart in motherhood? We are talking all things burnout and how to walk out of burnout and into balance with Caitlin Long of Lifelong Wellness.

Burnout to Balance with Caitlin Long, PA-C & CEO of Team Lifelong Wellness


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ITUNES | SPOTIFY | STITCHER MOTHERHOOD SHOULD COME WITH WARNING LABELS Have you ever felt like becoming a parent should come with an instruction manual? Like there should be a test they make you take before leaving the hospital to make sure that you, you know, have a clue? Know what to do? Are somehow, even the tiniest bit […]

4 Warning Labels for Moms


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ITUNES | SPOTIFY | STITCHER If you are a human being, more specifically a mother, who has ever felt not good enough, smart enough, fun enough, together enough, beautiful enough or just not plain enough to be a “good mom”, this post and this podcast episode is for YOU! My guest is Katherine Wintsch, author of Slay Like A Mother and expert in […]

Slay Your Dragon of Self-Doubt with Katherine Wintsch


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If you want to get out of debt and “be better” with money, this episode of Fulfilled – The Podcast is for you. Allie, The Debt Free Nurse shares her journey to paying off $15k in credit cards and $46k in student loans! She worked *smarter* not harder and spent time and money on the things she loved.

An Abundant Resource – Mindset, Manifesting and Math with Allie, The Debt Free Nurse


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Seeking to determine your purpose and driving to excel, hit goals, and give back, to find your purpose and to be driven to achieve this are so fulfilling as a professional. Rachel Jurgenson is sharing about parenting, purpose and pivoting in working motherhood.

How to Become Purpose Driven with Rachel Jurgenson, PA-C


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