5 Essential Questions Unicorn PAs Are Asking Themselves & Others

In order to restore humanity back into healthcare, we need to work on connecting with ourselves and others. The 5 questions you should be asking yourself as a physician assistant and your PA colleagues to deepen that connection.

Connection is a powerful thing – connecting to our inner knowing and those in our lives and these questions are designed to do just that. Learn the power of introspection and connection in medicine.

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Be Brave Enough to Speak Up Thea Nolan is an Interventional Radiology PA who was featured in the 2022 AAPA PA Week News Features for identifying a faulty medical device. Because of Thea’s reporting, the devices were recalled, saving the lives of and preventing complications in tens of thousands of patients. But this was no […]

Be Brave Enough to Speak Up, Even When No One Listens

Unicorn PAs

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Continuing Medical Education (CME) – A Necessary Evil Say it with me: CME Conferences are fun! CME Conferences are for learning! CME Conferences can also feel… overwhelming. Attending conferences is par for the course for practicing PAs and in this post-COVID world we are getting back to in-person meetings which feels so darn good.  Some […]

Maximizing Education and Networking at CME Conferences


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Meet Alex Cristofori Alex is a PA at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore in the Sickle Cell Center for Adults and in the department of Hematology. He provides care in both the inpatient and outpatient settings for patients with sickle cell and other hematologic diseases. Alex grew up in northeast Connecticut in a blue collar […]

Finding Inspiration From Sickle Cell Patients


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Aurielle Martin is a Family Medicine PA and sleep consultant. She helps parents feel empowered to get their children through sleep struggles and give them the gift of independent sleep. She explains how there is no one right way to create healthy sleep habits, but there are many options that can fit each individual family and child.

Insider Tips From PA Sleep Consultant

Unicorn PAs

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Ten of the top negotiating mistakes I’ve made in my career as a physician associate and that I see my PA career coaching clients make.

The Top 10 Mistakes I’ve Made When Negotiating


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Katie Aurand, PA-C is an ironman triathlete and high acuity physician associate. Here’s how she sets and crushes goals in life & triathlons.

Setting High Goals & Crushing Them as a PA and Ironman Triathlete 

PA Profession

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Over 39 years as a Cardiothoracic surgery PA has given Stephanie Strazinsky a unique perspective. She has seen changes in the PA profession in clinical practice for nearly 4 decades!

Not only was she the first PA in the Operating Room at her hospital, she had to navigate limitations and resistance from nurses and residents.

Nevertheless she persisted. She’s on the show today sharing all about how to trust your intuition, take chances and make intentional changes as a part of your career.

Cardiothoracic Surgery – Taking Risks & Reap Rewards

Unicorn PAs

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Have you ever looked around and realized that you are waiting for everyone else to discover that you’ve been faking it this whole time? That your clinical confidence and competence were all a fluke and that you don’t truly belong in this job, profession, or specialty.

Imposter syndrome, specifically clinical imposter syndrome, is alive and well in healthcare today. Press play for a vulnerable look at Tracy’s personal and professional journey with imposter syndrome and tactics to use to conquer your own imposter syndrome.

The Secret to Overcoming Clinical Imposter Syndrome


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