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Without an evidence based negotiation strategy, your employer will give you another 2% cost of living "raise". When you follow the PA negotiation framework you'll earn more money without increasing your hours.

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Step 1: Download the pa pay one sheet

Step 2: Create Your purposeful pitch

Step 3: Watch Your Income Grow

How Much are "Cost of Living" Increases Costing You? 

Most PAs are compensated not for their clinical skills but for their negotiation skills. When your negotiation skills are nonexistent…

  • You earn 1% Cost of Living Increases

  • Your income is stagnant

  • Nobody appreciates your skills and experience
  • You feel burned out

  • Inflation is killing you financially

  • Your budget and family suffer

Negotiating as a PA should be simple and it should work. Most PAs don't know how to prove their value add to the employer they work for. Instead, they highlight the wrong things and confuse their employer. No bonus and no pay raise is agreed upon. Learn the PA-Pay Framework and you'll finally get the raise you deserve.

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There are 4 Ways to Learn How to Earn More as a PA. Which one is right for you?

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Want to craft your power pitch and earn that raise? Learn The PA-Pay Framework at home, at work, or on the go with this downloadable PDF of The PA-Pay Framework.

In this free guide, Tracy Bingaman will show you how the evidence based steps used in FBI negotiations to craft your power pitch. In this guide, you'll learn the 6-part framework that will help you prove your value and land the biggest raise of your career. 


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Perfect for: Anyone new to The PA-Pay Framework who wants to learn the formulas that have been working (in FBI hostage negotiations and meeting rooms) for decades

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Are you a PA who wants to make more money? We teach PAs to make more money and help them achieve "work optional" financial independence. More than 40,000 PAs are scaling their PA Income, no side hustle required.

Are you searching for a Unicorn Job as a PA?
You'll walk away from each episode with tangible income earning tips and understand how to land the juiciest raise of your career. 


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Perfect for: The PA who is sick and tired of being underpaid and under appreciated at work who wants to land that mega raise.

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Want to discover your PA personality type?Take The Quiz and learn how you work and what your default reactions are as a PA.

You'll get an email from Tracy walking you through the next step in your journey to making more money than you've ever made as a PA.

With this evidence-based assessment of your personality you'll feel confident going forward (plus it's fun!)


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Perfect for: Anyone wanting to know a *little* more about their personality as they navigate what's next. 

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Do you need to pitch that raise ASAP and feel great about your supercharged income? With a Private PA-Pay Raise Call, you will get to work directly with Tracy for an hour. These calls can be done on the phone or on Zoom and will be the best 1-on-1 negotiation training you've ever had.

If you feel it's been way too long since your last raise and your income isn't keeping pace with inflation, you'll understand your next step after this 1-hour call. 


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Perfect for: Any PA who is sick and tired of waiting on their employer to realize how valuable they are and pay them for their skills and experience.