Networking 101: The Secret Weapon of Strategic Career Moves

When I tell you about this secret weapon that I’ve been using in my career, that has landed me jobs, founded friendships and created connections, I mean it! I can’t keep something this good a secret, so I’m sharing all about networking on today’s episode of The PA Is In.

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It’s that time of the year again: Performance Review time – and it’s time to use these performance reviews to advance your career, increase your income and improve your quality of life.

Negative reviews in the past? We will dive into tangible strategies for the three steps you need to take after a negative review and I’m sharing how to make yourself feel like a badass PA, even in the wake of a not-so-hot performance eval.

In this episode, I’ll tell you about my own struggles with negative reviews, negative self-talk and the practice that I created to overcome these hurdles. I’m even sharing some behind-the-scenes personal reviews – the check in that you need on your calendar for yourself, your personal development and the key relationships in your life.

PA Performance Reviews – How to Leverage Positive & Cope with Negative


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