Stop trying to do it all and instead start choosing what you actually want to freaking do!

Stop trying to do it all & start choosing what you actually want to do!

Your life is packing to the gills with everything from swim lessons to soccer practice, piano and book club and you are wondering how the heck all the other PAs are getting everything done...

Trying to figure out how to do "all the things" in your busy PA life?

That's me!

Being a PA and a parent is distracting, loud and overwhelming. You feel pulled in a zillion different directions and it's hard to tell what really matters and what is just LOUD and DISTRACTING. 

Identifying your deeply held core values quiets the noise and serves as a compass, mapping out a clear path to a life of peace and fulfillment, even as the busiest physician assistant ever.

Your Core Value Curator

The must have guide for the working mom who wants to stop trying to do it all  & instead do only the things that matter most to you. 

Ready for that peace and fulfillment?

Your Core Value Curator


If you are drowning in the tasks of work as a PA and life outside of work with your family, feeling lost or struggling to remember who you are outside of work, this guide is for you! 

Working as a PA can be all consuming, overwhelming, and just plain hard. If you've found yourself wondering who you are other than an Employee, a Partner and a Parent, you're in the right place! 

Grab this Free Guide to finally understand what it takes to create a life of fulfillment and joy!

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Life is too short to waste another day living helter-skelter and not being clear on what matters most to Y.O.U. 

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