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Stop Believing These 10 LIES About Working Mom Life

There is so much misinformation about working mom life floating around… how do you know what’s the truth? Today we are busting these common myths about modern working motherhood and sharing what is the truth instead.

These LIES are so common, they run deep and they are spread wide. So much so that you may even believe them yourself.

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Burnout. That feeling that you don’t care, can’t care, have just too much going on and that nagging thought that you can’t keep going like you have been. You can burnout in motherhood, at work, in life and in relationships. Dr. Sharon Grossman is a success coach, speaker and author of the 7E Solution to Burnout. She’s going to help you get all the things done on your to do list while recovering from burnout!

Working Mom Life, Stress, and Decoding the Source of Your Burnout with Dr. Sharon Grossman


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 ITUNES | SPOTIFY | STITCHER  Our guest on Fulfilled – The Podcast is Dr. Brooke Weinstein! You may know her as the curly haired Occupational Therapist that is shaking her butt and sharing her wisdom all over the internet. She’s inspiring other moms, coaching them, taking care of herself and sharing her hot mess express life.  Brooke is self-described a coach, […]

Hot Mess Express: How to Keep Your Cool & Own Your Angry with Dr. Brooke Weinstein, OT


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Feeling burned out in medicine? Having tugs of pre-burnout pulling on your heart in motherhood? We are talking all things burnout and how to walk out of burnout and into balance with Caitlin Long of Lifelong Wellness.

Burnout to Balance with Caitlin Long, PA-C & CEO of Team Lifelong Wellness


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Living in community with other like minded, diverse and supportive mommas, that’s the dream, right? Rocky Akavan is the queen of creating online communities that are just like that and she’s sharing all about one that’s about to make your life a whole lot more fun!

Find Your Tribe and Love Them Well with Raquelle Akavan, PA-C


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my Tuesday-night book club about a 10-year reunion, that 10 years spent taking care of patients in the operating room, the hospital, and the office has taught me so very many things. I have learned more valuable lessons about medicine, life, love than I can count and I have enjoyed so much laughter and just as many difficult cases during that time. Today, in honor of those 10 years, I’m going to share with you 10 Things the OR taught me. Here are ten of those lessons I’ve learned and retained

10 Things the Operating Room Taught Me


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Working as a Mom in Medicine is hard. Working motherhood is hard. Work-life balance is elusive and sometimes, in order to achieve some semblance of balance, you need to leave your job!

How I Quit My Job (& How You Can, Too)


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Working motherhood is hard. Add in the schedule of a surgeon and the unpredictability of the practice and – whoa!

The Life of a Surgeon Momma with Dr. Anne Sharkey, DPM


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