Shift Work vs. Office Hours – Which is Right For You?

We’re going to chat about the pros and cons of shift work or office hours – and review how to determine which is best for you.

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7 techniques to complete the stress cycle. Unpack the stressors, what the stress cycle is and how to stop getting stuck in your stress cycle.

How Do You Complete the Stress Cycle? 7 Things to Try


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Healthcare burnout affects more than 60% of current healthcare workers. Physician associates are no exception to that statistic. Today on The PA Is In I’m sharing my specific physical symptoms, the turning point that led me to quit my job as a PA, and my experience with wholeness and healing as a PA and as a person.

My Journey with Burnout


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Burnout in healthcare has reached epidemic proportions on the heals of a global pandemic. Covid has highlighted the weaknesses and faults in our healthcare delivery system, both for the patients and the providers called to take care of them. Buckle up for a journey through the depths of burnout but spoiler alert: Meg healed form her healthcare burnout and is here to share her story with you.

Heal from Healthcare Burnout with Meg Leddy, PA-C


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Overwhelm, in the oxford english dictionary is defined as: bury or drown beneath a huge mass. Whew. What a heavy word. What a heavy feeling. What a common thing for working moms to be walking around, carrying. The weight of the mental load of running a household. The stress of the schedule. The worries about your marriage, your job, your kiddos. Those things can feel incredibly heavy – honestly even one of those things might feel heavy enough to overwhelm you completely… and then you add on more and more things. 

Unpacking Overwhelm as a Busy Mom


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Burnout. That feeling that you don’t care, can’t care, have just too much going on and that nagging thought that you can’t keep going like you have been. You can burnout in motherhood, at work, in life and in relationships. Dr. Sharon Grossman is a success coach, speaker and author of the 7E Solution to Burnout. She’s going to help you get all the things done on your to do list while recovering from burnout!

Working Mom Life, Stress, and Decoding the Source of Your Burnout with Dr. Sharon Grossman


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Boundaries truly are the antidote to burnout in healthcare and burnout in motherhood. Creating boundaries for yourself, your workplace, and within your relationships are a vital part of recovering from this burnout!

Boundaries Are the Antidote to Burnout with Diana Page, CRNP


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