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My Approach to Meal Planning

Feeding your family on weeknight is a huge pain. Think about it, you worked all day, taking care of your job and serving everyone else. You walk into the house, it’s 6pm, you are tired and your kids are expecting to be fed (again) every night of the week. I’m sharing my process for feeding our family of 7. How I meal plan, grocery shop, and work this thankless task into our busy schedule.

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. This season comes with so many extra gotchas and things to do – there are gifts for teachers, secretaries, team members at your work, that secret Santa for the office AND for your book club – there is the buying, coordinating delivery of, hiding and wrapping of gifts – not to mention the mental energy to try to get the best thing for each person on your list – not to mention remembering to shop small, local, sustainable, and with fair trade and responsibly sourced items. 

Tips for Saving Money & Stressing Less This Season


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Want to pay off your debt? Wait a sec… Do you have a plan? The best way to get out of debt is to have a step-wise process to become debt-free. Tune in to hear my 4-step process to ditch debt, all of it, for real this time. You’ll leave this episode inspired to get out of debt!

Don’t Pay Off Any Debt Until You Hear This


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Back to basics of budgeting. We are covering why you need a budget, the characteristics of a successful budget and busting common budgeting myths on today’s episode of Fulfilled – The Podcast.

A Beginner’s Guide to Budgeting


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Walking through getting control of your money, paying off debt (even your mortgage) and how to stay out of debt forever!

How We Paid Off Our Home Mortgage (Before I Turned 30!)


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Tiny tweaks to your spending can result in BIG changes in your bottom line. Here's a starting point: a dozen things to cut out of this month's budget to get you on the path to saving!

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