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Physician Assistant life is hard enough without feeling lost, over scheduled, burned out and overwhelmed. The path to a life with more time and money than you know what to do with is just ahead...

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I'm Ready

Society has told you that there's one and only one way to be successful as a working mom... simply try harder, get more organized, and of course, take a bubble bath every day. Simple, right? Just make money, love your kids, do your job, put your own oxygen mask on first and poof - a happy, healthy, completely fulfilled PA... right? Wrong!

Is it time to take action on that change you've been debating, that nudge you've been ignoring and that feeling of being sick and tired of being stuck and exhausted? Let's make that happen.

You don't have to do it alone.

real talk:

Here's The Plan

We look at where you are, what's one your plate, what's overwhelming you. We get clear on what matters most to you and start to cast a vision for what life looks like when those values exist at the center of your life.

First of all...

We work together to create a strategic plan to edit your life - adding in things that matter most - subtracting those that are no longer serving you. We ditch limiting mindsets, create plans and actionable steps you can take to build the life of your dreams!

Second of all...

You get to go out, every day, and live the life of your dreams! You know... the one where you have more time and money than you know what to do with? Doesn't that sound great!?

Last but not least.

There was a time when I was so sick, tired, burned out, and overwhelmed....

I was a shell of the woman I was before having kids and a shadow of the force that I've become now. I was short-tempered, mean, nasty, impatient and exhausted. I was making myself sick, I had insomnia and my health was at an all time low.

I quit my job, identified what matters most, created a strategic plan and now I have a clear process for creating the life I want. I'll never go back to being that completely burned out, beyond overwhelmed PA again. 

i can help because i've been there

The great news? Now I know how to help PAs just like you!

If You Are Looking For

Time to take care of you

To pursue your interests, stretch your wings, cultivate creativity and remember who you were as a woman before and realize who you want to be in the future!

Better relationships

With your kids, your partner, your friends and most importantly... yourself. Knowing what you value keeps those who are most important to you in the foreground of your life. 

More time and money than you can imagine

Spending your two most precious resources; your time and your money - carefully and in alignment with your values makes ALL the difference.


"Tracy was amazing during a very difficult time in my life and career."

- B

Get clear on where you want to be in your life; your ideal time & financial situation

How does this sound?

Define your Core Values & develop a Framework for using them as your compass



the results you're going to get:

Own your YES's and rock your NO's based on your deeply held values


Develop a personalized strategic plan for your new schedule & financial future


Exponentially increase the time you have to spend alone, with your family, and do what you LOVE 


I want that

"I was struggling with stress and anxiety. I needed clarity on how to make an important career decision, but didn't know where to start." Through skillful listening, Tracy asked the right questions to help me find peace and think clearly about what I really wanted in my career."

H took a step she hadn't dared take previously

When faced with choosing between a company that was "stable", safe, and a guarantee of income and boredom and a new organization serving non-profits and setting her soul on fire, H was torn. Lean into her passions with more risk or stay safe and join an organization that might make her yawn on a daily basis. Together we worked through the choices and H chose to pursue her dreams at an organization that aligns with her values!

I'm Ready for that step

You're ready to have control of your time and more money than you know what to do with!

You want to be more calm & present

You're so tired of feeling sick and tired, exhausted & angry

You're overwhelmed by all the balls you're juggling

You just need some freaking room to breathe

Is This Right For You?

I'm ready

There's only so much you can know about Tracy, her tone, her coaching style and whether you just "click" and want to work together. Sure, you can check out all the Fulfilled episodes and read all the Blog posts, but that phone call is where you can really tell if you are right for each other.

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