Download the Framework

Trying to Determine to Quit Your Job or Stick It Out?

Or choose between two potential positions as a provider?

These decisions take logic (see the Decision-Making Framework) and heart. Take time to tune in to how you are feeling, the aspects that you enjoy and dread, and complete the framework to help you choose.

Being in the middle of staying in your job and giving it your all and deciding that it's time to move on is exhausting. Complete the Decision-Making Framework to reach your conclusion and move forward with confidence.

Download the Framework

Feeling stuck in the middle of leaning in at work and quitting in search of a better job?

  • You've hit a professional plateau without room for growth in your practice.

  • You are feeling stuck, trapped, isolated, hopeless and helpless.

  • You're just not sure that you can have success and feel happy in your current position.
  • You are worried that other positions will end up in the same situation if you leave.

  • Your employer simply doesn't see the value you add to the practice

  • Your quality of life & time outside of work are terrible

If so, this decision-making framework will help you to decide once and for all if you're going to stay or go.

Download the framework

How to Use the Framework

Step 1: Download the Framework

Step 2: Fill in the cost + benefits

Step 3: feel confident in your decision

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Tracy Bingaman, CEO

Few people know how to help providers earn more money like Tracy Bingaman. As a Physician Assistant herself and someone who tripled her income while working half the hours as a PA, Tracy now teaches clinicians to scale their income while working less

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