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Practicing as a Physician Assistant feels like a battlefield. You are at war with your own expectations, what society tells you to be and do, and the way you’ve always done it. You are carrying way more than your fair share of responsibilities at work (and likely at home, too). Your family's needs are battling word demands in your life and your mind is torn between soccer schedules and committee meetings. 

Sound Familiar?


You are in the exact right place.

I’m a working PA life- and money-coach. I help you to breakdown and rebuilt your life - except this time, you are the project manager for the whole damn thing. Together we unceremoniously throw societal expectations out the window and dig deep into what you want, love, dream of and value… then we create a stepwise plan to make your wildest dreams a reality. 

You are in control of your life! But… if you’re anything like me, you might need a little help to figure out what’s next and the exact steps to get from where you are (overwhelmed, burdened, stressed and depleted) to your best life ever (rested, balanced, at peace and fulfilled)!


After feeling burned out, underappreciated, working full time and swing shift, B found a new job! It challenges her AND it's part time, day shift! No nights, weekends, or holidays for B!

Went part time,



After working for "the man" at a massive health network, Erin got her families finances in order and tendered her resignation. She now works at a small private practice taking care of postpartum mommas, making her own schedule and seeing real, fulfilling change in her patients' lives!

Joined her dream practice!


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More of a do-it-yourself-er? Check out our digital courses. Available for you to take at your own pace, whenever you can squeeze in a quick video or audio. Change your life while commuting and hauling kids all over kingdom come!


Feeling stuck and needing just a little direction, an outside perspective and some clear action steps to take with you? Hop on a 45-minute Clarity Call to get some help troubleshooting your life, next career move, or big change. 

clarity call

Personalized one-on-one coaching that is unique to you, your situation, and results in a mapping of your future and an action plan to make that future reality! Walk away having overcome your roadblock, with a customized roadmap in hand of what's next in your life.


Ways to Work Together

"Money doesn't buy happiness, but it can create choices... then,
we choose happiness! 


You've been "doing it yourself" for too long without seeing results. You are ready for real change!


That's me!

1-on-1 Coaching Packages customized to you and your situation. We will work together to unearth what's going on, discover your core values and work together to make a plan where those values are front and center in your work, life, and you have peace and work-life balance. 

For the frazzled, overwhelmed working mom who is running herself ragged but getting nowhere... rinse and repeat.

1-on-1 Coaching

Digital Courses

Put me on the wait list!

Coming soon... Digital Courses to become more Fulfilled As A Mother, to slay At Work, to be at peace At Home, to become Fulfilled Financially and to rest in a place of balance!

For the Do-It-Yourselfer who is looking to squeeze changing her life in amongst all the things she's doing these days. 


You like to DIY your own life change, design a new life, up your money management skills and learn to kill it at work without killing yourself!

You just need a little push to help you through a decision, encouragement and an outside perspective.


I need this call!

A 5-minute call to clarify the problem or situation, sketch out the opportunities to make a change, remind you of your strengths and instill confidence in your ability to make the exact right decision for you during this season! (Seriously, you know you have five minutes, mama!)

Like calling your best friend, wise aunt, or trusted advisor who will tell it like it is, give you a new view and inspire you to take action.

Clarity Call

She had two choices... return to a company she knew was stable, predictable and that would be the path of least resistance, or join a start up that was doing the work of Holly's heart and changing the freaking world. Sometimes the scary choice is the right choice and after working through the reasons she felt anxious, she accepted a position at the start up of her dreams. Holly is thriving in this new work environment and so glad she reached out for coaching when she did!

"I was feeling anxious and scared about making this decision... after working with Tracy I felt at ease & empowered."

Made the choice to follow her heart


After chasing a dream for years... B had had it. The job she'd coveted since launching into her career nearly 10-years ago. So... when things went sideways and she had to re-evaluate what the career looked like, she struggled to reconcile her identity with this new change and to find a great job that would fit her current stage of life. 

"Tracy was amazing during a very difficult time in my life and career..."


Realized her dreams HAD changed

After working as a Physical Therapist for years & having her corporate healthcare administrator ask her to see more patients, to start earlier, to work later, to work through her lunch Erin had had enough. It was time to follow her passion and join a practice that supported her patient-centered approach. Erin resigned & joined a local holistic patient-centered practice where she is thriving!

"I went from corporate healthcare counting all my patients (and all my RVUs) to working at a practice that I'm on fire for."

Got hired at her dream practice


Yes, It Really Does Work!


Hours per week worked before I q.u.i.t.


Number of times I thought about quitting


Fulfilled PA living in peace & helping other PAs to have more time and more money!


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I'm ready!

It's time, my friend. Stop talking about doing it and freaking!

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