The Fulfilled PA

 An Insult From My Daughter... 

Zero boundaries, keeping up with unreasonable demands at work, my achiever & people-pleasing tendencies and my love for medicine lead me down the garden path of burnout, disguised as inpatient PA “success”. 

I was beyond burned out, physically exhausted, emotionally drained, & mentally apathetic.

Then, in the middle of a 36-hour stretch of work with zero hours of sleep, my 2-year-old daughter called me stupid.

Why? I was on the phone with the hospital instead of snuggling her in the predawn light. 

Holy Shit! My daughter was right...
I was being s.t.u.p.i.d.

I was working like a dog, earning "great" money working for a health system that didn't value me, my skills or experience. I was another RVU-producing widget on a spreadsheet.

This "great" money wasn't worth it. It wasn't worth sacrificing my health, my sanity, my relationship with my husband, kids, friends and family. 

I had to choose between this job and my life - the life I wanted to live. I chose life

My (sacred-to-me) morning routine. Sipping hot cocoa piled high with whipped cream. Family snuggle time (often turns to wrestling). Savoring every bite of my vanilla ice cream with chocolate sprinkles. Turning the lights out wayyy early. 


Hosting my show - Fulfilled As A Mother. Skiing - on water or snow. Reading a great book. Dreading laundry but loving fashion - go figure! 


Other people’s opinions, societal norms - (they’re bullshit, honestly!), wasting time, and being unkind or unclear. 


Digging deep, laughing loudly, clear communication, cultivating connection & chucking “fine” out to make room for fulfillment! Comfy sweatpants. Leggings instead of jeans & leopard print - it truly goes with everything. Don't believe me? Google "is leopard print a neutral?"


I’m a modern personal finance guru, ruthless self-care advocate, joyful curly girl, recovering perfectionist & working mom money coach. 

See that?  I'm a multi-dimensional woman who wears all the hats & I’m willing to bet you are, too!

I'm here to help you create that life you've always dreamed of... where you make your own schedule, don't worry, stress or fight about money, and finally capture that elusive unicorn that is "work-life balance". 

- Where you earn more money, work less hours, and have more time to connect with those you love.

- Where you ditch what society tells you to value, dig deep and figure out what matters most to you, then build a life around those deeply held values. 

- Where you work less and laugh more. 

- Where you stop worrying about your kids at work and stop thinking about work while you're at home. 

- Where you thrive, prosper, live, laugh, love deeply, take care of yourself and those you love and rock the job, hobby, passions and uniquely show up as the badass that you are! 

Now I teach PAs to build fulfilled, happy and integrated lives.... the one with abundant time, money freedom, less guilt & more peace! 

When my 2-year-old daughter called me stupid, it hit me right between the eyes.

Suddenly, it was crystal clear; this frenzied pace, this demanding job, this life of running, of hustle, the feeling frazzled, exhausted, sick, tired & burned out… it wasn’t the life I had dreamed of.

It wasn’t success the way I wanted it.

It wasn’t the life I wanted. 

I Quit That Job 7 Days Later.

My Favorite Things

Traipsing around the globe (with or without our arms full of children)!

my happy place!

Being on snow - skiing and teaching my little ones to enjoy this lifelong sport. 

Accessories! I hold deeply the belief that there’s no such thing as too much leopard or too many pairs of shoes or earrings.
Hey, we all have our true loves in life! 

My Favorite Things

My curls... after despising my hair for 20 years, I learned to embrace these God-given locks and lean into the curl!

Life is too short to feel guilty about loving something as sweet as hand-scooped ice cream. 

my not-so guilty pleasure

Book Club! An excuse to get out of the house and connect with some of my dearest #momfriends after reading a truly GREAT book? Count me in!

“It was wonderful to have a fellow working mom to bounce ideas off, strategize and sometimes just vent. When I needed to speak to someone who really “gets it” - as a mom, as a woman and as a provider - Tracy was there.

I couldn’t recommend her more highly - if you’re looking to dive deeper into your goals or to align your life more closely with your values and purpose - Tracy’s your coach!” 


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