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Curly Hair Advice with Barbara Kurmlavage from Curl Vitality

October 28, 2021

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Did you know that over 65% of the women in the United States have wavy or curly hair? Yep, more than half of the women reading this very post have curly or wavy hair. But… if you look around, it doesn’t look like that. Why not? Because women who have kind-of-wavy hair are treating it like it’s straight and taming the curls right out of their hair. 

My friend Barbara from Curl Vitality calls this not-sure-if-it’s-wavy and not-wanting-it-to-be-curly stage “curl purgatory” and those are her FAVORITE clients to work with. Barbara is a Curly Hair Coach who works with women to develop confidence, main character hair tossing curly vibes and teaches women how to work with instead of against their curls! 

She was kind enough to share all the curly girl, curly hair, wavy hair tips and tricks with us on Episode 57 of Fulfilled – The Podcast. She is radiant and knowledgeable and I can’t wait to dive into all things curly, wavy, and more. We talk about everything from sulfates to shampoo and Barbara answers all of my rapid fire curly girl questions like how often do I need to wash and what’s the deal with diffusing, anyway? 

Just in case you missed my roundup of fall favorites, I shared with you The Ultimate Product Guide. Barbara created this in response to the most common question in her Instagram DM Inbox “what products should I use?”

Her response to this common question was to create The Ultimate Product Guide. It’s a step-by-step guide that tells you what types of products you need, gives you budget-friendly and splurge-worthy recommendations for the entire suite of curly hair products for your unique hair. Barbara shares the three types of shampoo that you need (co-wash, standard and clarifying), how often to wash, and answers rapid fire questions about curly hair on Episode 57 of Fulfilled – The Podcast. 

As a card-carrying curly girl, I cannot endorse Barabara’s teaching on TikTok, Instagram and on her website enough. Check out The Ultimate Product Guide, take her new Curly Girl Quiz to see into the crystal ball for the future of your curls, and sign up to get monthly updates with product recommendations from Barbara herself! 

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