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The “Personal” Part of Your Personal Finances

May 27, 2021

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This week on Episode 036 of Fulfilled – The Podcast we are diving into all things Personal Finances. The thing about Personal Finance is that it’s… Personal. Sure, there’s some simple math involved and basics of understanding how to get out of debt, save, budget and invest wisely for your future… but when it really comes down to it, how you utilize your money says so much about you personally. It depends on your priorities. It depends on what you value and it depends on what is most important to you in life. Money is such a personal matter, which is a big mindset shift for many. Today we are going to talk about how the secret to peace financially, a life with no payments, and the ability to sleep soundly, not worrying about money… is in your hands! You are in control of yourself, your behavior, your spending and your ability to live in alignment.

Peace with money comes from living, spending, and saving in alignment with your core values. When, on the contrary, there is a disconnect between where you are focusing our money (and for that matter, our time) and what you believe to be most important… you can feel unsettled and discontented. 

In order to live in alignment with your core values you need to be clear on what those things are. Whether you walk through the exercises in Episode 16 or check out my free Guide to Identify your Core Values (you can find it in the show notes) getting clarity in this area is so important for your future. 

You should have a short term money goal, a long-term money goal and a dream, or your WHY!

The SHORT TERM MONEY GOAL is something that you can save for, accomplish and cross off your list in the next couple of months. This is things like saving an OMG fund of 3-6 months of expenses, knocking off the next debt in your list using the momentum method, or saving up to pay cash for your next vacation. These goals help you to have quick money wins and get a little wind in your financial sails!

The LONG TERM MONEY GOAL is something that is going to take years to accomplish. It could be paying off your entire mortgage, yahoo! It could be something like purchasing a second home, a boat, or having a fully funded college fund for your kiddo. This is a goal that is going to require more money and it’s going to take longer to get there. If your goal has a specific dollar amount associated with it you can make one of those old fashioned church fundraiser thermometers to track your progress. Put it on display, somewhere you’re going to see it daily, and color in the progress you’ve made so far and the progress you make as you go.

The DREAM or your WHY is the longest of these goals – it’s the vision you have for your future. It’s the reason that you are willing to create a budget and live a life where your lifestyle fits well within your means. It’s things like retiring early, fully funding college for all of your kiddos, that dream vacation home and a life where you have the time freedom to travel and enjoy it. It’s changing your family tree and setting your children’s children up for financial success because of the legacy you leave behind. 

The second piece to this puzzle of peace in your personal finances is ditching the victim mentality and remembering that you are in control of your money, your behavior and ultimately your financial future. A major key to getting your finances in order is getting in control of yourself.

Trying to drive the latest and greatest, wear the most trendy and most expensive clothing while taking luxury trips and living in the largest house on the block… if you are doing these things because you want to fit in or impress others… is a destination that isn’t attainable. 

The target is always moving. When you find yourself comparing your life to “their life” – you can do one of two things. FIRST – You can flip the script and highlight what’s a blessing, what you love and what you wouldn’t want to change about your life. SECOND – You can use that as inspiration to get your butt in gear. Yes! You can motivate yourself with the blessings of others. If you’d LOVE to be able to travel to exotic locations or take luxury vacations… integrate that into your vision for the future. If you wish you had a home in a different part of town, how can you get yourself in a financial situation that this would be feasible and a blessing, not a burden, for your family.

Personal finance is absolutely and intimately personal. No one has had the same experiences, thoughts and feelings around money. No one is in the same exact situation financially as you are. No one is going to walk through this situation exactly how you would. 

You and only you know in your heart of hearts if you are being truthful with yourself about where you are financially. If you’ve been looking the other way, ignoring your bills, or pretending that debt doesn’t exist, you are the only one who can change this! 

You and your spouse have to reconcile your current situation or predicament and where you want to go. Get clear on your why. Set those financial goals together. Get on the same page about what the life you are dreaming of looks like. You’ll find peace in your heart and peace in your marriage when you start living and spending in alignment with your values! If you’re feeling unsettled relative to this, take the time to re-evaluate what’s important to you and in your marriage. 

Here’s your friendly and loving reminder that you are in control! You are the captain of your ship and if it’s taking on water, you are the one who can take action to reconcile and rectify this situation. Be empowered to take ownership and make changes! 




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