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Hustling & Traditions During the Holidays

December 23, 2020

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Episode 014 of Fulfilled – The Podcast – the Holiday episode. Today we are diving into all things holiday – the busy-ness, the stress, the memories and the mayhem. We will walk through traditions and highlighting how to make the most of this Holiday season, Pandemic or Not.


The Holidays can be a season charged with stressors, family pressures, relationships with toxic family members, traditions new and old. It can be a time of joy and a time of overscheduling and overwhelm for many of us.

Traditions are long-established customs or beliefs that has been passed on from one generation to another… sounds like something that started generations, ages, & decades ago.

Traditions – the ones that are serving you and your family – should be cherished and kept and propagated. But if there are traditions that are causing you stress, a headache, GERD or anxiety, here’s your reminder to re-evaluate if those are traditions that should continue.

Our lives change faster than our adaptation to traditions and plans. As we have kids, change locations, jobs, priorities, life-stages and seasons, often we cling to or continue to do what we’ve always done, almost by default. This is the path of least resistance, but that doesn’t make it what’s best.

The bottom line is that Traditions… Traditions are made to be broken, to be broken down and re-built, to be re-created and reinforced, and ultimately, they should align with your values and the values of your family.


If there’s one thing this year… the crazy, rocky turbulent year that was a Global Pandemic, a National Presidential Election, and personally for me… with resigning from a job, searching for and landing a new job and starting, in earnest, a business… 2020 has taught me… it’s that things matter less and people and the memories we make with those we love matter more. Sarah Parmer reminded me of this during our interview for Episode 8 and it’s really been percolating in my mind and in my heart since then.

We are emphasizing togetherness, memories, happiness, and gratitude in our home this year. In case you missed it, tune in to Episode 11 – where I discuss our budgeting plans and purchasing model for the kids and gifts. For a few years we’ve been limiting the quantity of presents and focusing on both quality and appropriateness of gifts given to our family, particularly our kiddos.

We are focusing on family and making memories by limiting technology, more specifically hand-held devices during times like family dinner, game night and movie night. The quality of time you spend with your family is more important than the quantity of gifts you give them.

3 Reminders this Holiday Season:
1) Traditions are made to be broken, rebuilt, re-evaluated and should align with your values.
2) Making memories is more important than the next shiny gadget and we should do more laughing and less wrapping. Be present over buying a present.
3) Remember the Reason for the Season.

So eat the cookies, enjoy the sprinkles and the joy of the season. Leave those things that aren’t serving you in the dust and invest in making the most of the time you have, the family you love, and the togetherness this season, hopefully, allows for!

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